Restoring Sanity To CO3

We're Not GA14

The current misrepresentative for Colorado Congressional District Three is an embarrassment to the Western Slope, Four Corners, the San Luis Valley,  Pueblo and all points in between. Her public appearances are scripted performances, her private behavior repulsive and her legislative accomplishments non-existent. Having her in office does a great disservice to the good citizens of CO3, denying us professional competent representation and showing a ludicrous face to the nation.

The margin of victory for the incumbent was relatively small considering the Republican and conservative bent of the District in general. Given current events and her pathetic record I believe electing Adam Frisch to represent our District is within reach. My contribution to this effort will be to call registered voters and encourage them to vote in the upcoming midterms while enabling others who might like to help.

She rode into Washington on an Orange Wave which has long since crested. We have the opportunity for true-blue Americans to restore dignity to the office. Democrats, Independents and Coram / Zimmerman Republicans can ensure that happens in November. This website will document events between now and election day, hopefully providing some impetus for at least a few to get out and vote.

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